*Snapp Things (Mobile Application Development)*

SnappThings offers a powerful visual environment to design, create and deploy apps on Smartphones, Devices and IoT Gateways. Thanks to an easy to learn and easy to use drag and drop interface, anyone can directly contribute to app designs, prototyping and validation regardless from their role, specialization or background. Practices such as lean product development, rapid prototyping and collaborative design have never been so real. With the upcoming proliferation of the Internet of Things, the SnappThings platform will let you create end-to-end IoT applications handling and controlling the information provided by any Smart Sensors and IoT clouds, on any communication protocol or any operating system and device. The SnappThings middleware is a one stop shop to obtain and add all components needed for your business app. This includes: platform SDK, IoT Cloud connectors, software components for cloud servers, IoT Gateways and IoT devices.

Typical IoT vendors provide proprietary tools with little integration capabilities. SnappThings acts as a single entry point where users can orchestrate their devices, data feeds and the overall service logic on multiple platforms. Developing and maintaining Apps and Services for IoT is usually difficult and expensive. Snapp IoT enables anyone to contribute thanks to a powerful visual language even kids can learn and use. IoT app development requires rapid development capabilities on mobile devices and sensors. Testing assumptions on user experience and technologies early on becomes vital.