Veteran Relief Operations

Society 76 & Fidelity Security Solutions have teamed up to address our nation’s crisis currently unfolding in Afghanistan. The Taliban’s recent advance across the country has drastically affected the lives of many innocent civilians in need of escaping persecution. We are equipped with highly trained, and capable military Veterans ready to assist in evacuation operations consisting of, but not limited to:

  • SIV, P-2 application submissions for properly vetted recipients
  • Scheduling and confirming flight manifested passengers
  • Coordinate and collaborate with adjacent counterparts (DoD, State Department, NGO’s, Congressional Officials, Joint Task Force, etc.)
  • Disseminate pertinent and applicable information to news/media outlets
  • Extraction Operational Support (CONUS and OCONUS)
  • Allocation of first aid and essential living/hygiene resources to refugee facilities
  • Temporary housing and employment placement service coordination efforts for refugees

What We Can Offer

Our nations military is ready and has responded to situations of crisis in a moments notice, from humanitarian efforts to severe storms, floods and wildfires. People in need turn to our service members in their darkest hours because they know they can depend on us for relief and help. This concept does not change when that service member exists the military and joins the civilian world. Our nations Veteran population is around 22 million and counting, still possessing that same mindset of providing a “service” to our great country. Society 76 & Fidelity Security Solutions have identified this valuable resource and harnessed a partnership enabling military veteran assistance anywhere a crisis threatens our Homeland.

To fulfill this partnership, Society 76 & Fidelity Security Solutions must be ready for every situation, regardless of its size. We count on the generosity of our donors, whose support of our “Disaster Relief Fund” enables us to be there for those who need critical assistance. We ask you to join in this commitment!

How You Can Help

Help innocent people affected by Taliban subjection and oppression by making a gift to our “Disaster Relief Fund” below. Your 100% TAX DEDUCTIBLE gift enables us the ability to complete the mission and ensure no one is left behind. Thank You!

Are you a Veteran interested in joining our Relief Operations?