Welcome to Monroe, Louisiana…

Some say thank you..others take an initiative and GET STUFF DONE!!..Meet Mr. Josh Salley (soon to be Dr. Salley). Josh has spent the last year working with VETality to bring the Cans-4-Vets recycling challenge to his home town of Monroe, LA. He has singlehandedly organized various collection sites  throughout the county, formulated strategic local partnerships, and created a community of environmentally conscious citizens in Monroe, LA. Josh did all this work on his own accord. He is a prime example of the caliber of individuals we have out in this world that’s willing to do what it takes to get the job done. 


In Josh’s own words;

It’s a long story, but I’m sure I can condense it down to a few words. All about self-sacrifice for the bettering of others. Vets know better than most others what sacrifices it takes to keep the sovereignty of our nation strong and to keep its ideologies based upon Liberty and Freedom, because they’ve been to other places of the world where those ideas aren’t the norm. After their duty their brought back into a society, praised as a hero but forced to be a victim of war. Between all the complexities of that, the failing VA healthcare, the raising drug use to cope with psychological stresses and triggers, and lack of safety nets for our soldiers is disheartening and absurd. So, we’ve our problem there, we’ve our litter problem too. Put the two together and little bit of sacrifice and we can make better things happen.

How can YOU help?

Simple!..Click HERE and fill out a contact form, Josh or a member of our team will be in touch with you to formulate a plan on getting your organization, businesses, company, etc. involved in our Cans-4-Vets challenge.

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