*Medicinal Cannabis Therapy*

VET-Meds is a service-connected disabled Veteran owned and operated medicinal cannabis collective tailored for the Veteran community, but open for all patients. Having an entirely service connected disabled Veteran staff, we take pride in helping and providing for our own. Therefore, the bigger our collective gets, the more deserving Veterans will be employed and taken care of. Our collective is designed to provide gainful employment to Veterans and transitioning service members, with the intentions of providing them with financial stability and a quality working environment.

Two crucial factors exist in the negative statistics plaguing our Veteran population today. First, Is the aspect of separating from the bond and camaraderie that is experienced and shared while serving in the armed forces. Secondly, there is the fact that every service member simply just needs a “new mission” or new value of service to hold onto and be proud of. VET-Meds allows both these factors to be resolved through establishing a collective based upon giving back and helping our fellow warrior. Providing sustainable income and a healthy working environment, allows that feeling of cohesion and camaraderie to still exist. This is a small step in the right direction in reducing the negative statistics and replacing them with positive ones about our Veteran population today.

Along with providing a service for the community, VET-Meds is also committed to collecting quantifiable data on Veteran MMJ patients as to what they are utilizing cannabis to treat, and how much is being utilized to treat that specific ailment. This information is being collected with the intentions of providing sustainable evidence for the Veterans Administration to allow cannabis therapy to be apart of the Veterans Choice Program. This program allows Veterans to be referred to outside healthcare professionals for treatment of their various symptoms, VET-Meds will act as an educational platform, as well as a distribution center for Veterans to learn and acquire natural medicine