The American Council on Exercise (“ACE”) has established the Salute You™ Scholarship Program (the “Program”) for qualified, recently and honorably discharged servicemen and women interested in becoming Certified Fitness Professionals. Persons applying for a Salute You Scholarship (“Applicants”) and those awarded Salute You Scholarships (“Recipients”) must agree to be bound by and conform to the rules and regulations set forth herein or as they may later be amended (the “Rules”). Please read the Rules carefully prior to submitting an application. By clicking the acknowledgement check box on the Salute You Scholarship application page, Applicants irrevocably accept all of the following Rules:

ACE is offering a limited number of Salute You Scholarships, which will be awarded on a first come, first served basis. Salute You Scholarships may be funded by ACE or a sponsoring organization (“Sponsors”) and the Program may be suspended or withdrawn at any time with or without notice. Employees of ACE are not eligible to receive any Salute You Scholarship. Employees of a Sponsor may not receive a Salute You Scholarship funded by such Sponsor. Individuals that are currently ACE Certified Personal Trainers are not eligible to receive a Salute You scholarship.ACE will not unlawfully discriminate in awarding any Salute You Scholarship.In order to be eligible for a Salute You Scholarship, each Applicant must submit a DD Form 214 (Member 4 copy) showing his or her honorable discharge from active duty within the U.S. Army, Marines, Navy, Air Force or Coast Guard either 6 months prior to or 24 months following such Applicant’s discharge. Applicants scheduled for honorable discharge from active duty within 6 months of their application date who do not yet have a DD Form 214 may alternatively submit an official Statement of Service. 4. All information listed on an Applicant’s application form must exactly match the information on the Applicant’s DD Form 214 (Member 4 copy) or Statement of Service. DD Form 214 (Member 4 copy) or Statement of Service must be uploaded during the application process.

Submissions without a DD Form 214 (Member 4 copy) or Statement of Service attached cannot be considered for Salute You Scholarships.By submitting an application, an Applicant confirms that he or she will be the individual accepting the Salute You Scholarship (if awarded), studying for the ACE Personal Trainer Certification, and sitting for the ACE Certification Exam.Personal information contained in any Application, DD Form 214 (Member 4 copy) or Statement of Service will be protected pursuant to ACE’s Privacy Policy. Please view the ACE Privacy Policy to learn more about ACE’s commitment to an Applicant’s privacy.An Applicant must submit an essay between 300 and 350 words in order to be eligible for a Salute You Scholarship. The essay should address the life experiences of the Applicant leading him or her to pursue an ACE Personal Trainer Certification and state how the Applicant intends to use the ACE Personal Trainer Certification. All essays shall be the property of ACE and may be used by ACE to promote the Program, ACE and its Sponsors.ACE will review each application for a Salute You Scholarship in the order in which it was received and is complete. ACE will advise each Applicant, in writing, of the action taken on his or her application within 30 days of application submission. ACE reserves the right to defer the award of an Application in the event that there are no Salute You Scholarships available at the time an application is approved. The decision of ACE regarding any application is final and is not subject to appeal.Each Recipient of a Salute You Scholarship will receive ACE’s Premium Study Program, which features ACE Academy Elite (interactive video lecture series, online custom progress tracking, two practice tests, an exam review and access to the ACE Resource Center), an ACE Personal Trainer Manual, ACE’s Essentials of Exercise Science for Fitness Professionals, access to our state-of-the-art eBook, an ACE Personal Trainer Manual Study Companion, Exercise Science Flashcards, and an exam voucher.

This package is valued at $1130. Notwithstanding the foregoing, a Salute You Scholarship shall have no cash value and may not be transferred or assigned in whole or part, and any attempt to do so will void such Salute You Scholarship. Recipient’s license to use the foregoing materials is personal and no Recipient may copy, sell, transfer or disseminate any of these copyrighted materials.Recipients will be responsible for all shipping costs related to the Salute You Scholarship materials. Recipients will be responsible for all taxes due upon the value of all Salute You Scholarships.Recipients must obtain adult CPR/AED certifications (after a live course) prior to registering for the included certification exam. ACE is not responsible for any associated costs related to CPR/AED certification.In order to register for the included certification exam, recipients must have completed the first 15 lessons (of 19 total lessons) of ACE Academy Elite. NOTE: Certification exam vouchers included with the Salute You Scholarship expire six months from the date of your Salute You Scholarship approval. Registration for the certification exam must be completed prior to this expiration. All ACE NCCA-accredited certification exams are administered at third-party testing sites. Applicants who are unable to meet this deadline may be required to pay an exam registration fee. Applicants must present a valid, government-issued photo ID (with a signature) upon arrival at a testing facility.Every Recipient agrees that ACE and its Sponsors may use his or her name and likeness in promoting the Program, ACE, and/or the Sponsors.ACE may amend these Rules at any time, with or without notice. Neither ACE, the Sponsors or any director, officer, employee or agent shall be liable to any Applicant or Recipient for damages sustained as a result of the rejection of any application, failure to award any scholarship or any Recipient’s failure to attain or exploit an ACE Personal Trainer Certification.