*Automotive Fabrication and Mechanical Training*

Vocational therapy is conducted in our “Warrior Built Garage” where we give combat Veterans the opportunity to be exposed to the world of fabrication and the mechanics of different types of vehicles. Whether it is an off-road vehicle, race car, classic car or motorcycle, we give them a chance to figure out if they want a future in the fabrication and mechanic industry.

Recreational therapy consists of attending different events that fuel the motivation and adrenaline for our combat Veterans. We do this by bringing them to events such as dirt bike races, drag racing, off road racing, concerts and planning camping trips to the sand dunes, off road parks, rivers, lakes etc…We also help combat Veterans peruse their desires to enter and compete in different types of action sports and races such as the Baja 1000 off road race.

The camaraderie and motivation that sparks from these projects we built in the events we attend have changed the lives of the combat Veterans who have given so much for our country.